Saturday, October 8, 2011

Glue Caddy

I purchased one of Tracy Weinzapfel's Glue Caddies a few weeks ago and I just finished altering it.
I was inspired by Julie's alteration of her glue caddy. I basically followed the same steps that she did.

First I painted the edges in brown (not shown because I forgot to take a picture!)
Then I covered it all in white.

I added the paper to the top and sides. I used the Helmar Acid Free Glue, no buckling :)

Next I sanded some of the white off to show the brown paint (forgot that pic too)
 and give it an aged look.
Then I added Helmar Crackle Medium (a two step process).  When that dried I rubbed distress ink into the cracks and wiped off the excess.  Acrylic sealer comes next!

Here's what it looks like with all my glues in it! I love it!

The "art" embellishment is canvas from Prima. 
 I painted it with pink and blue Shimerz paints then added some distress ink and adhered it with Scrap Dots.


  1. Wow...this is so cute. I need one of these. :)

  2. Too stinkin' cute. Glad you posted the progression. It's great to see it start to finish.

  3. This was awesome!! I loved how the finished product came out. Can't wait to try that crackle now.
    Hope to see you at the store again soon!
    Tracy Valure

  4. I so need one of these! This came out fabulous, Jackie. Just loving the soft pretty colors.


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