Thursday, February 6, 2014

Worth it...

Sharing a few stages in one of my quick 8x10 canvases.  I was hoping to get more pictures but at least there are a few.  I started off with stamping on some tissue paper and then attaching it to the canvas with Gel Medium.

Next step was adding paint.

Then some spray inks with stencils.

My original intention was to paint a girl on here but the one I was working on didn't come out to my liking so I decided to add a quote. Because I don't like my handwriting, one thing I have been doing recently on my work is using  old fashioned carbon paper. I print out the quote in a font I like then attach the carbon to the back of the paper then I attach it to the canvas so I can trace it onto it.  After this I can go back over the light tracing with Pen.

Here's the final product.....

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