Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Look what the postman brought!

I did a little happy dance yesterday when I recieved a package in the mail.  I opened it up and there was a copy of The Big Book of Scrapbook Pages in it.

The book is published by Memory Makers Magazine and guess who's layouts are in it?  ME :)  Two, in fact.  Check out page 80 and 228 if you have it.  There are a ton of familiar faces in there.  Many of my Favorite Scrappers!  So much inspiration (and sketches too) I'm so excited that I got a chance to be published in something with some of my scrapping idols :)

You know it's something special when even your hubby is a "little" impressed ;)

Thanks for letting me blather my news today.  I'll be back to tell you about my class with the big "DD"! Hint:  She makes stamps and wears black glasses, LOL :)


  1. Congrats. I'm really proud of you. So is hubby still going to call it "crapbooking"?

  2. my goodness, jackie, congrats to you. that is fantastic.

  3. Big Congrats on your Pub Jackie. How awesome! :)


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