Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guess I didn't need the Gesso...

I've been working on some journaling pages this past week.  I'm trying some different tecniques and playing with some new media that I bought.  I really wanted to try some different things but when I started playing I realized my Gesso had dried up :(  So, that left me putting a few things on hold since I needed that to prime my pages.  I did get a new one yesterday so I'm so excited to play some more. 

Here's two pages that I did (without gesso).  This first one I started out with some watercolor pencils on the background (which ended up being covered up), then I used some misting, masking, paint, paper, stamps and doodling.

This second one I started with a paper collage background, added some paint, stamps and fabric hearts.

The words were done with some embossing and I added some doodling with a white pen.

Thanks for stopping in  :)


  1. brilliant, Jackie - I love your mixed media work x

  2. Always wanted to try something like did a brilliant job!

  3. Love the pages. So glad you are enjoying mixed media.

  4. These are great, Jackie. You are just jumping in there and I love it.


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