Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Making a mess...

I've been playing around with my Index cards this past week for ICAD Challenge. I haven't really sat down to create them with the thought of making anything "pretty" or "artistic".  Just using them like little scraps of paper to test out some things.  

This first card had some base color paint and then I stenciled over it with another paint then tried wiping some off and bleck :P didn't like the way it worked out but hey, live and learn. 
Turned it into this:

This one is a stamp and I added Glimmer Glam over it.  I was dying to try see what this color was so that was my experiment on this.

Here I was trying out different colors of oil pastels to get an idea what they looked like.  I had some I hadn't used yet and didn't know what they looked like.

Here we go with some doodling.  Just killing some time waiting on dinner to cook!

This one is my favorite, it's just liquid india ink and stencil.  I didn't want to add anything else because I think this is going to be used another time for something :)

Here's my bleeding heart!  Just some dribbled ink and oil pastel.  Plain and simple.

My Basket of Scraps


  1. You cards look great. I'm the same, just dabbling and playing and experimenting. I'm thinking that's what it's all about.

  2. Your cards are great - especialy love the dripping heart one!

  3. Mess, what mess. Those cards are beautiful.

  4. Mess, what mess. Your cards are beautiful.

  5. I love them all! The chandelier card is terrific!

  6. Great cards - I love to see how different they all are!

  7. I think it's such a great idea to use this challenge to try out different supplies and techniques...great results!


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