Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gelli Arts Playing

I want to share with you a new purchase I made recently. 
 I purchased a Gel Printing plate from
I've been having so much fun playing with it. I wanted to share it with you....
maybe you would like one too?

Here's really quick video I made using the plate.


Here are the prints I made during the video:  My favorites so far:

Here is one I did previously....

This one I did I used a soft clay tool to do some scribbling on it.  Remember that if you try to write something it will be in reverse :)

This print was an experiment, after I printed I then went back with some green color Glimmer Mist and it filled in the white areas.

This print below I used a light blue Pan Pastel to fill in the white.

Another cool one.....

This is one where I use lots of paint, the printing is not as clear.

This one was done after another one and picked up the leftover colors.

I hope I introduced you to something new today!  Have a great one!

My Basket of Scraps


  1. That is the COOLEST THING EVER! I LOVE that process! You are so artistic with the placement of the different shapes, knowing what to use. The video is awesome! (Love the music, too!)

  2. Loving it!! Very inspiring! :)

  3. Loving it! Very inspirational! :D

  4. OMY goodness. I haven't been so in awe in a while now. I MUST have one of those. Where the heck did you find this? I'm so jealous. Amazing.

  5. How cool is that!!!! I need one of those. Awesome video, Jackie!

  6. Oh my gosh these are sooo wonderful!!!


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