Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pursuing Portraits and my Left Brain

 Ok, I'm putting this out there for you all to see.  I figured that if I did then maybe it would help me make progress.  I am taking an online class from  Pam Carriker called Pursuing Portraits.  I've wanted to work on sketching faces for a long time and was happy to find this class.  I have admired Pam's work and her videos for some time so I thought this would be just the thing! It's an amazing class and I'm learning so much.  I'm naturally not a right brain dominant person. When I start to create I almost have to literally turn off my left brain switch and totally concentrate on my creativity. Sketching these faces has really help me get out of that literal thinking into the creative.

This journal page is the second lesson in the class.  It's just a very quick all about me page. The photo of me is painted and sketched over to help us find features in ourselves that we would like to capture in our drawing. I'm happy with everything here except the nose....but this wasn't to be some great creative masterpiece so I'm living with it (see, learning to let my right brain take over!)

Here is one of the first drawings I did.  I'm excited to keep drawing and finding my own style :)

Check out Pam's other classes.  She has some great ones!  I think I'm going to sign up for another as well as her second Portrait one that's coming this summer!  I'll be back to show you some more once I complete the lessons!


  1. Your artwork is impressive already! I love your about me page, so much depth to it. Keep up the great work!

  2. Jackie, you are amazing. I love all that you are reaching for and trying and nailing! That looks just like you and the whole page is fabulous.

  3. Wow...what talent you have! So cool that you are spreading your wings into something that you haven't wanted to do for quite some time.


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