Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good ideas....gone bad :(

You ever find an idea you really want to try and get really excited about it?  This was it.  
Or maybe NOT!
Good idea gone bad.  
It may not be the technique it may be me.  Well, yes, it's probably me because when I saw this done I LOVED how it turned out. I didn't save where I found it because I just saw it in passing and remembered what they did.  Here's how you go about it and maybe you will have better luck than I.

Cut up magazine pieces.  I'm guessing any printed paper would work well too.

Adhere with modge podge or gel medium, whatever you like.  
Create a random pattern but cover the page.

Trace an image that you want to use.  Pick something simple unlike my complicated one.  It think that was one of my issues.  I should have started with a heart.  I may try that next.

Once you trace it go ahead and paint everything except the inside area of what you traced.  You may need extra coats of paint if you pick a light color like I did (next mistake).

After you finish the painting you can take something to sand away at the pieces so you can see the texture and remove a little bit of the paint, here and there.  

Here's my final outcome to oooh and ahhh over...NOT!
I can't believe I'm even showing you all this because I really hate it but maybe someone can do wonders with the technique.  I will try it again when I get brave.


  1. I love that you shared something that didn't work out the you envisioned it - it happens to everyone but sometimes with all the beautiful pieces you see on blogs it's easy to forget that and be too hard on yourself (speaking from vast amounts of personal experience!). This is a cool technique. And I like your results. maybe when you finish the page you will be glad you used a lighter color paint so your words or whatever will have good contrast. And you can always grab a different shade of paint and paint over this - that might even be pretty cool when you get to the sanding part.

  2. Ok, a Type A moving to Type B. I think this is very cool. It would make a great card front or layout addition. Heck, it could even be the background for your layout. I'm trying this. Yep, I going to give it a go. Maybe it's what I need to get out of this creative funk.

  3. I think it looks alright. Now it just needs more around it. But I like the idea. And I LOVE that you are trying things. That is my problem, I like to think I want to try things, but sigh, never ever do.

  4. I can't believe you hate it! I think it looks really cool :)))


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