Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wine, wine, and more wine....

Got your attention didn't I? I am on a wine kick recently.  I discovered some new yummy wine that I am hooked on.  Normally I am a sweet wine drinker, mostly German white ones.  So, I've been on a hunt for red wines that I can actually swallow.  Most just haven't been to my liking.  I found that I really like the "muscadine" wines.  Now, I realized these are hard to find so I've had to order them online from the winery themselves.  I did that and had a few sent to the house to try different ones and I'm hooked.

On our trip to Savannah Georgia I happened on a wine store downtown.  I went in a low and behold the wines I love were right in front of me!  I was EXTREMELY excited.  I think I drove the girls nuts talking about going to the winery and wine store.  There was a really sweet man there that was telling me about all the wines. I tried a bunch and even found some Peach Wine that was SOOOOO yummy. I decided I needed a picture of the bottles because I know I've never had that many bottles of alcohol in my house at one time!  I had to preserve this moment in time!

I decided to use the photo in a layout for Challenge Masters.  This was for a "Scraplift" challenge. When I started this I really wasn't thrilled with it but I came to love it by the time I was done.  I think it may be because of the little sticker phrases by the title!  Click on the layout to read them....they make me laugh!

Materials:  Webster's Pages Papers & Lace, Prima Flowers, i-rock bling


  1. Wow, looks like you having plenty of wine for New Year's Eve ;) Just remember...don't drive and post. LOL

  2. so funny about unique tastes...when I went to FL this summer, we went to a vineyard and I didn't like the wines because they were-you guessed it-MUSCADINE...I did fall in love with their blueberry wine @ another vineyard though! Brought a case home and and down to my last bottle :( Love that you found it locally-great LO for our PI gig!

  3. I popped over her to check out whats going on with you ... and really enjoyed my visit! Your blog is so cheerful and bright! Filled with great pages and scrappy inspiration! I loved this homage to your new wine discovery! And, you're right ... those little sticker phrases are FUN! Thanks for the hospitality!

  4. That is so great. I am a sweet wine drinker too. I can't drink any reds. Honestly, I prefer dessert wines to all others. Whenever we go to wineries for tasting I have learned to tell the people that I can't drink reds, and they just load me up with sweet wines.

  5. Great idea for a page. Love that paper. Happy New Year to ya! :)

  6. Now you are speaking my language. ;) Fabulous page! I always struggle with papers like that and you make it look so easy.


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