Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Years Resolution Delayed

So, I'm a bad, bad blogger, very bad.  I haven't been here for months.  Well, guess what my new year resolution was?  To blog more, ha!  I thought I was going to do this once a week but that hasn't happened, it's Jan. 16!!!  So, I failed :(  Well, I'm going to try to redeem myself.  Let's see if I can get something out weekly from now on.

I have been creating art, that's the good thing, I haven't abandoned that.  If you haven't noticed, I changed up my blog name  to Jacqueline Designs since I have moved a  little away from the Scrappbooking and more into "art".  Please make sure you follow me so you can keep in touch.

What's been going on?  Well, I've starting attending the local Ft. Pierce Farmers Market with two of my friend Cheryl and Susan.  We've put up our tent and are selling out artwork each weekend. We call it CJS Studios.  It's quite an eclectic group of artwork.  Here's a few pictures from one of the first weeks of selling.  It's fun to see that some of those pieces are no longer there and have been sold. Yeah! If you are in the area, drop by and see us Saturday mornings from 8-1 :)

Thanks for reading and I will be back soon, yes, really.  I'd love to hear what you all are working on and where you are connecting via online with the boards, etc.  Drop me a comment here.

My Basket of Scraps


  1. Yeah Jackie. You have inspired me to do better.

  2. Hi Jackie! I didn't know that you were in the Florida area. Please send me an email when you can. I wanted to ask you a quick question. My email is on my "about" page on my blog. Thanks! :)

  3. looks amazing.. and will have to stop by and check what you've been doing. hugs Bev

  4. That is so cool that you are selling your art. I'm not surprised by it. It's always so beautiful :) Enjoy your weekend!


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