Thursday, December 8, 2011

Da do ron ron ron....

Da do ron ron!  You got it?  If not you're not old enough, LOL

How about a cute oh so fun challenge over at The Flying Unicorn

Remember your first childhood idol crush?  Today it's Justin Beiber for most tweens, who was yours?

This was the poster on my wall........Sean Cassidy :)

Why don't you come play along?  We have some fabulous prizes as always!


  1. Great tag Jackie! What a fun idea for a challenge!!!

    I'm not sure who was my first real Celebrity crush... I know that in my teenage years, i was madly totally in love with Axl Rose from Guns n' Roses - hahaha

  2. Your tag is adorable. I had a Sean crush too when I was a teen, (loved the Hardy Brothers).

  3. Awesome tag Jackie! I love how you colored the background!

  4. I had a baby blue satin jacket with Shaun Cassidy's picture on it...Fonzie was on my wall (ayyyyyyyyyy)

  5. Oh MY!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!
    Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew had a spot in our house!! Gotta say, Shawn Cassidy was a "crush" as well as Leif Garrett! LOL Great tag!

  6. lol, kick cameron. too funny. and great tag.


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