Saturday, July 16, 2011

Doodily, doodily, doodily, do!

I've found a new way to spend my time... DOODLING! I'm loving it! It's a great way to kill some time or spend some time relaxing!  I'm finding myself taking my book and pen when I go out places I know I need to spend time waiting.

Here's one of my doodles before coloring.....

And here it is after I used watercolor pencils and some water :)
  I colored first then went back over with a water pen then added some shading.

For this I used some basic watercolor pencils by Artist's Loft, not too pricey (you can find them at Michaels).  I recently purchased Faber Castell Aquarelle's and those are SOOOO wonderful.  The colors are brilliant and when you add the water they are soo smooth. They don't leave the pencil shading marks like you see here.  I will be using those from now on.


  1. It came out great. The shading really gave it some depth.

  2. Jackie, this is absolutely beautiful! I love your design and colors, too!

  3. That turned out fabulous. It was so fun watching you color that.


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